Android ShopSavvy 3.6 update, Now Reads QR Codes


Big in Japan, Inc. has updated their wildly successful Android application ShopSavvy to version 3.6. The most notable improvement is that ShopSavvy now has support to read 2D QR codes.

The Update consists of a bug fix for a common force close issue, polishing up the user interface, standardizing their logo and most importantly QR Code support. ShopSavvy now supports all QR codes including URL redirect, contact, phone number, sms, redirect to Android Market to purchase apps

The developers of ShopSavvy had previously stated that QR codes weren’t really related to shopping and they did not plan on supporting them. However, with the advent of Google’s Favorite Places Stickers program(Google sent stickers with a QR code on them to many businesses), they decided that now QR codes were shopping related enough to be included in ShopSavvy.

While their previous thinking on the subject of QR codes was perfectly valid, Android seems to be changing the way people do things. I personally want to scan everything with my Motorola Droid and feel a bit disappointed if I want to download something to my phone and there isn’t a QR code on the page( … and yes I have the Firefox extension with QR codes but sometimes I actually have to get up of the couch to scan them instead of zooming the page and scanning in comfort.) We included a QR code to every page on this site to to make it convenient to come directly to that page and download what you want or connect to the Android Market to get an app.

Whatever the reason they decided to include QR code support now, it is a great addition to an already great application and ShopSavvy is now the only barcode scan app that I need.

Read more at the Developers Blog: Big in Japan; ShopSavvy 3.6 Update

Download to your Android phone from Android Market:

Screen Captures from Motorola Droid:

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