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Android App: EStrongs File Explorer version 1.3.10
Developer: EStrongs
Price: Free
Package name: com.estrongs.android.pop

EStrongs File Explorer is a featured File/Application Manager which can explore the phones & PCs in LAN network via samba protocol.

    • Recent Changes:
    • * Toolbar (click addressbar)
    • * Help document
    • * More settings(size…)
    • * Performance enhanced
    * Some bugs fixed
    • Key features:
    • * Manage/(un)install/Shortcut Apps
    • * Manage files on phone & LAN PC Shared
    • * Play audio and video using chosen player/stream playing
    • * view texts/images or open other files with associated apps
    * search files in the machine.

Download to your Android phone from Android Market:

Android App Labs Review

pluses - pros
Full featured file explorer for Android. Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename files. Connect your phone to a Computer through WiFi.
minuses - cons
None really, need to learn the UI, Need to know computers IP Adress on LAN
Excellent file explorer and client to connect to computers through Wifi. Download it now.

Detailed Analysis:

Estrongs File Explorer is an excellent file explorer for the Android platform. It allows you to view all the files on your android phone’s sd card as well as cut, copy, paste, delete, rename and view properties of folders and files. With Estrongs you can also view and backup all applications currently installed on your phone. This can be especially useful if you have non-market apps installed on your phone.

What makes Estrongs file explorer really standout is that it allows you to use your phone to connect to your pc over your wireless LAN. You can copy files from your computer to your phone and from your phone to your computer. Through Estrongs you can stream music from your computer to your phone. I tried to stream video from my computer to my Motorola Droid and I received an error that the file could not be streamed and had to be completely downloaded first. Additionally, you can use your phone to connect to an FTP server through the internet and connect to other devices through Bluetooth. (I have not had the chance yet to test this functionality)


I have found Estrongs to be an excellent file explorer for Android. Although, it does require a little effort to learn the UI and how to do some things it is a very powerful tool virtually eliminates the need to ever physically connect your android phone to your computer. Highly recommended!

Video from Developer:

Screen Captures from Motorola Droid:

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Hardlink to Market:

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