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Android App Lab RatingAndroid App Lab RatingAndroid App Lab RatingAndroid App Lab RatingAndroid App Lab Rating4.60/5

Android App: Helix Launcher
Developer: Faruq Rasid
Price: Free/Donate
Package name: com.com.helixproject.launcher

HelixLauncher is based on android Launcher git and is heavily modified to resemble Launcher2 mod.
HelixLauncher features:

    • * Based on Launcher
    • * Standalone Launcher
    • * Should support hdpi & mdpi resolutions (not fully tested)
    • * Sense UI-like scrolling / Velocity Scrolling
    • * Enabled rotation
    • * Double Tap action for Screen Previews
    • * SPEEDY!
    • * Up to 7 screens!
    • * Full-screen app menu (with notification bar still)
    * Quick Shortcuts! – Drag & Drop and shortcuts to the QuickBar

Helix Launcher Developer page at XDA-Developers

Download to your Android phone from Android Market:

Android App Labs Review

pluses - pros
Fast, up to 7 screens, full portrait and landscape support, don’t need to be rooted, stable.
minuses - cons
Need to use back button to exit app list.
Great launcher, stable and gives you a lot more screen real estate for apps and widgets. Get it now.

Detailed Analysis:

Review Device: Motorola Droid
Firmware: Google Android version 2.0.1
Carrier: Verizon

Helix Launcher is an excellent home screen replacement and replacement launcher. It provides up to 7 screens to add apps and widgets to. Up to 4 apps or shortcuts can be placed on the bottom of the screen next to the launch button and they will become persistent across all your screens. This is great for the most important and constantly used apps.

Helix Launcher works smoothly and is very fast. It is superior to the stock launcher in speed, consistency and that it has full landscape support. It works just as smoothly in landscape mode as in portrait mode. I have not experienced any forced closes yet, as usual YMMV.

Upon a double-tap, an index of thumbnails is displayed showing all your screens. Even with 7 screens, any screen is only a double-tap and a press away.

The only problem I found was that the only way to close the app drawer was to use the back button. I did not find this to be a big deal and I believe this is being changed for future versions.


Helix Launcher is a great home screen replacement and launcher. If you find you need or want some extra screen go ahead and install it now. Highly recommended!

Screen Captures from Motorola Droid:

[nggallery id=21 template=captport]

Screen Captures (Landscape) from Motorola Droid:

[nggallery id=22 template=captland]

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting this review it really convinced me to use helix which so far is great. I was wondering what app or widget use have for the calender on your 7th page?

    1. Thanks! I really like Helix Launcher. Having 7 pages is great.

      The calendar is the “Pure Grid calendar widget” developed by Francois DESLANDES. It is in the Android Market for €0.99.

      I like the look of it a lot, I am using it and also trying out some free options and we will have a full review in the near future.

    1. You can just scan the QR-code at the end of the review – it will take you directly to “Helix Launcher” on Android Market. You can also click on the shopping bag icon above (from your Android Phone) next to “Download to your Android phone from Android Market” . Searching the Android Market for “Helix Launcher” from your phone should also work.

      If it is not showing for you it may not be available for Android versions below 2.0.

      Good Luck!

  2. got a question.. its a free download but says it charges for direct calls.. does that mean i have to go back to my original home screen to make a call without being charged for it…

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